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This lesson will explore the following topics:

This lesson will familiarize students with the history and development of the subspecialty of life care planning. This lesson will describe how the practice of life care planning evolved and will identify the foundations of methodology and practice.

  • Identify the theoretical and applied foundations of life care planning
  • Define a life care plan
  • Understand the purpose of a life care plan

Learning Activities

  1. Listen to the audio lecture “Life Care Planning: A History”. In this audio lecture, Dr. Paul Deutsch provides a history of the process of life care planning. Dr. Deutsch describes how the life care planning process draws on three areas of practice: experimental analysis of behavior, developmental psychology, and case management. The definition of a life care plan and scope of practice for life care planners is also presented. Click here for PDF notes for the lecture.
  2. Read “An Introduction to Life Care Planning” (Please see attached file: Lesson 1 Reading).
  3. Read Chapter 1: “Life Care Planning: Past, Present and Future” in Life Care Planning and Case Management Handbook (3rd edition or 4th edition)

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