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Vocational Aspects of Life Care Planning

The focus of this lesson is on vocational issues relevant to life care planning. Historically, life care planners who are not already Certified Rehabilitation Counselors and/or Certified Vocational Evaluators have found themselves surprised by the amount of vocational material covered on the CLCP exam. These readings are designed to increase your knowledge and understanding in this important component of the life care plan.

This lesson was prepared for your review to become acquainted with how vocational aspects interrelate with the life care planning process. If you are already professionally trained in determining the vocational capacity impact for cases involved in disability, utilize this information as a review.

Please Note:

The vocational capacity, earning potential, and potential lifetime wage loss impact future loss dimensions in a catastrophic case. In many cases, this loss is significant. If you are not developing a section of your report/LCP relating to the future or present earning capacity of the individual, do one of the following:

  • Refer the case to a qualified vocational consultant to prepare a vocational aspects section.
  • Include in the cost projection of your report/LCP and arrange for the vocational consultation to be included by a qualified consultant.
  • Include in your report a clear statement that you are not qualified in this area and recommend a vocational consultation be secured to specify the impact of vocational and earning capacity on the case.

Enclosed for your review are:

  1. Chapters from Deutsch & Sawyer’s A Guide to Rehabilitation (Out of Print)

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