handshake.jpgThis lesson will explore the following topics:

As a life care planner, you will need to consult with many other disciplines that are both directly and indirectly involved in the client’s rehabilitation program. This lesson is intended to describe the roles of the different practitioners who may need to be contacted throughout the life care planning process.

  • Understand the roles of each member of the medical, health-related and case management team
  • Identify therapeutic modalities and assessments used by members of the team
  • Recognize where to locate professionals in your area

Learning Activities

  1. Listen to the audio lecture “Life Care Planning Process”. Click here for PDF notes for the lecture.
  2. Read Chapter 2: The Role of the Physiatrist in Life Care Planning in the Life Care Planning and Case Management Handbook (3rd edition or 4th edition).

A physician who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation is also called a physiatrist. This specialty focuses on long-term functional outcomes and is in a unique position to help in the development of life care plans. These physicians may be able to offer predictions regarding life expectancy, as well as establishing medical foundations for recommendations for almost every aspect of the life care plan.

In this chapter, Dr. Bonfigilo describes the role of the physiatrist. He notes that physiatrists are particularly qualified to identify the patient’s residual abilities, functional limitations, and future complications.

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