As you learned in this lesson, the Internet is a great source of information to use when researching costs, especially for supplies and equipment. Imagine that you are developing a life care plan for Jane Doe, and she has listed the following supplies and equipment necessary for her daily routine. Using the resources found in your lessons, identify how much each of these items may cost. Remember to use a range of costs for each item if available. (Remember: You cannot and should not use the Internet to research costs such as home care, medical care, and therapy as those need to be local costs specific to each client’s geographic region.)

  • Shower bench
  • Portable ramps
  • Powder free latex gloves 300 pairs per month
  • Surgilube Lubricating Jelly – Sterile – 4.5 oz tube
  • Bed Pads 1 per day
  • Depends Adult Diapers 1 pack per month
  • Antibacterial Soap 3 bottles per moth
  • Standard Foley Catheter
  • Para Push Wheelchair Gloves
  • Wheelchair Back Carry On


This exercise is intended to have you find information on the web. Prices will vary according to the websites used to do the research. Remember: do not use Internet specials or sale prices for your recommendations as the sales and specials are not guaranteed to be available at a later date. Use the MSRP or manufacturers suggested retail price.

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