Web_Based_Field_Trip.png1: Able Data (REQUIRED)

AbleData is a great resource that has many products for individuals with disabilities. This site also has a link that provides several resources that you may find useful in your life care planning practice.

  • Visit AbleData’s website at: http://www.abledata.com/
  • Click on the “Products” link at the middle of the page.
  • Search through the products to possible recommendations for your life care plan.
  • Search AbleData’s Resource list by clicking on the “AT Resources” link located on the same tool bar as the “Products” link.
  • Select Resource Type
  • Run some searches on different resources needed for your life care plan.

Add AbleData.com to your database, and add any resources that you find useful from the resource page as well.

2: Supplies and Equipment (REQUIRED)

There are many resources on the Internet that offer supplies and equipment for individuals with medical needs. This web field trip is designed to offer you a few Internet resources that offer supplies and equipment.

Remember to include the retail cost, not the sale cost, in your life care plan, as sales are not guaranteed.

Additional Canadian Resources

3: Canadian Medical Supplies & Mobility Aids

  • Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Assistive Devices Program The web page will direct you to a site that provides information on the ADP program run by the Ontario Government. www.health.gov.on.ca/english/public/program/adp/adp_mn.html
  • The Motion Group is an assembly of Canadian owned and operated companies. They offer a wide selection of medical aids and supplies, and specialize in mobility devices and adaptive seating systems for individuals with limited mobility due to physical disability. http://www.motiongroup.ca/
  • Home medical equipment such as wheelchairs, seating for wheelchairs, wheelchair lifts, patient lifts, bath safety products, elevators, hospital beds, scooters etc. are included in this link. The listings on the left of each page will take you to information relating to many different pieces of equipment, home modifications and resources. http://wheelchair.ca/

Product Information will provide fairly detailed information on specific types of equipment. This information is not specific to any brand or make of product but more targeted at providing the reader with an overall understanding of the general terms used by the home medical equipment industry, the variations of the equipment and some reasons why some wheelchairs and other equipment will benefit some people and not others.

Fact Sheets will take you to pages which will provide information which is very generic but gives the reader an overview of what a decision maker should take into account when it comes to equipment, home modifications or vehicle modification needs.

Equipment Funding Sources will take you to pages of information on what financial aid is available for wheelchairs and other home medical equipment which those in need can access. This information is set up geographically both nationally and provincially.

Other Resources will take you to pages relating to non-profit events, home medical equipment dealer information and other resources of interest to users of wheelchairs and other medical equipment they may require. 

  • Regency Medical Supplies (Vancouver) has both retail and wholesale divisions which serve both the health care professionals as well as the general public. http://www.regencymed.com/
  • Healthcare Solutions – Online medical supplies in Edmonton, Alberta – Browse this site as they provide service, resource materials, and a complete medical product line used in the acute rehabilitation and palliative phases of patient care. Products include ambulatory and bath safety aids, leisure and hospital beds, and specialty mattresses, incontinence and wound care, sports medicine and surgical supports, power scooters and lift chairs, and various physical and occupational therapy aids for daily living. http://www.healthcaresolutions.ca/

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