vocational counselors.jpegThis lesson will explore the following topics:

The intent of this lesson is to lend insight into the importance of the vocational evaluation process. Students will acquire an understanding of the role of the vocational counselor. As a life care planner, it is important to know the strategies employed by vocational counselors to identify job options, appropriate accommodations, or other alternatives that create fulfillment if return to work is not a possibility.

  • Understand the role of the vocational counselor in life care planning
  • Appreciate the vocational assessments used in the vocational evaluation process
  • Locate and understand informational resources pertinent to vocational counselors
  • Understand the steps taken by a vocational counselor to create a wage loss and earning capacity analysis

Learning Activities

  1. Listen to the audio lecture “Vocational Issues”. Click here for PDF notes for the lecture.
  2. Read “Vocational Issues Related to Life Care Planning” (Please see attached file: Lesson 9 – Reading 1).
  3. Read “The Vocational Rehabilitation Evaluation” (Please see attached file: Lesson 9 – Reading 2).
  4. Read Chapter 4: “The Role of the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor in Life Care Planning”, Life Care Planning and Case Management Handbook (3rd edition or 4th edition).

This chapter describes the function of the vocational counselor as part of the interdisciplinary team. Vocational counselors can work with life care planners to determine if the client is able to return to work. They can make recommendations as to vocational training and assistance needed.

This chapter describes different assessments used by the vocational counselor to determine the client’s return to work potential. Vocational counselors may be able to provide wage loss and earning capacity analyses.

Life care planners, who are not qualified vocational counselors, should seek assistance from these professionals for opinions regarding the ability of the client to return to work.

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