A life care planner is creating a life care plan for a young individual with a spinal cord injury. She recommends a sport wheel chair for this individual, as he is interested in playing wheelchair basketball. She also recommends that he has Homemaker assistance 2 hours per day. What does she need to consider as this person ages?


She should consider replacing and maintaining the sport wheelchair only until it is reasonably expected that he will continue to play sports. She should not recommend this through life expectancy.

She should also consider increasing attendant care as the individual ages. Decline in function begins and continues to fall with each decade of life.

(Winkler, Deming and Berens. (2009) “Life Care Planning for Spinal Cord Injury.” In R. Weed and D. Berens (Ed.) Life Care Planning and Case Management Handbook 3rd edition. (p. 615-647). Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.)

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