Module 2 – Lesson 4: Lesson Overview


This lesson will explore the following topics:

Fertility is a frequent concern of individuals with spinal cord injury. This lesson will discuss fertility aspects for men and women with spinal cord injury and its relation to the life care planning process.

  • Understand and identify fertility issues for men with spinal cord injury
  • Appreciate the fertility issues for women with spinal cord injury

Learning Activities

1. Listen to “Fertility Aspects of Spinal Cord Injury”. Click here for PDF notes of the lecture.

2. Review p 348 “Procreation” of Chapter 15: “Life Care Planning for the Child with Spinal Cord Injury” in Pediatric Life Care Planning and Case Management.

Review this section as it discusses sexual functioning complications for individuals with spina bifida.

3. Review p 633 “Sexual Functioning” of Chapter 18: “Life Care Planning for Spinal Cord Injury” in Life Care Planning and Case Management Handbook (3rd Edition).

Review the section “Sexual Functioning” to gain a better understanding of this complication as it can have a significant impact on the individual with spinal cord injury.

4. Read: “Fertility Aspects of Spinal Cord Injured Males” – Click here for Reading.

5. Read: “Electroejaculation Clinics” – Click here for Reading.

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