1. Most men with spinal cord injury are able to have a reflex erection with physical stimulation if the ____________ pathway is not damaged.

Answer: S2-4

2. Pregnancy enhances a woman’s susceptibility to ____________ which can contribute to skin breakdown.

Answer: anemia

3. One of the biggest keys to adjusting to spinal cord injury is personal ____________.

Answer: motivation

4. Newly injured individuals will often experience ____________.

Answer: grief

5. Changing nutritional demands and the pregnant woman’s altered sense of gravity can impair the healing of a ____________ once it develops.

Answer: pressure sore

6. ____________ is a procedure when a doctor inserts an electrical stimulation probe into the rectum, and the controlled electrical stimulation produces an ejaculation.

Answer: Rectal Probe Electroejaculation

7. One of the counseling theories used with individuals with SCI is ____________.

Answer: Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

8. It is (normal/abnormal) ____________ for most women to experience a brief pause in their menstrual cycle after a traumatic injury.

Answer: normal

9. ____________ is commonly expressed through physical and emotional closeness.

Answer: Sexuality

10. The most significant impact of impairment on sexual response seem to be the inability of some women to produce ____________.

Answer: vaginal lubrication

11. During labor and delivery, ____________ may occur in women with an injury at or above the T10 level, especially above T6.

Answer: autonomic dysfreflexia

12. One myth is that the number of sperm that a man produces (increases/decreases) ____________ the longer the time after injury.

Answer: decreases

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