1: Brain Injury Association of America (OPTIONAL)

This web field trip is intended to expose students to the Brain Injury Association of America. The Brian Injury Association of America (BIAA) was founded in 1980, and it is the leading national organization that represents individuals with head injuries, their families and professionals who work with individuals with brain injuries. BIAA provides information, education, and support to help those with brain injuries.

  • Visit BIAA at: http://www.biausa.org/
  • Click on “Living with Brain Injury” located in the top menu.
  • Review the topics and click on any that you find interesting.
  • Click “Find BIA in Your State” located in the top menu.
  • Find your state office if you have one.
  • Follow the link to your state site and bookmark it.

You may also want to bookmark the BIAA for quick access. Review any additional information at this site that you may find useful.

2: TBI Community Online: Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Community Integration for Persons with Traumatic Brain Injury (OPTIONAL)

This web field trip is intended to provide the student with a resource that contains information related to traumatic brain injury. The student can search the site to find information on medical management, comprehensive rehabilitation, cognitive function, social and psychological issues, education, employment and more.

  • Visit TBI Community Online: http://www.tbicommunity.org
  • Search this site for information related to traumatic brain injury as needed.

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