Module 3 – Lesson 3: Overview

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This lesson will explore the following topics:

This lesson will address the post-acute rehabilitation process of individuals with traumatic brain injury. An emphasis is placed on cognitive retraining programs that are designed to improve outcomes following a head injury.

  • Cite the complications most frequently reported by individuals with varying levels of traumatic brain injury
  • Describe the functional outcomes most commonly exhibited by patients within each category of traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Describe how cognitive retraining programs and brain injury rehabilitation programs are designed, and identify the techniques commonly used to improve functional skills

Learning Activities

1. Listen to the audio lecture “Post-Acute Rehabilitation and Cognitive Retraining for Improved Outcomes”. Click here for PDF notes of the lecture. In this audio lecture, Dr. Carol Walker addresses post acute rehabilitation and cognitive retraining for improved outcomes following traumatic brain injury. The models of rehabilitation and the rehabilitation pathway are reviewed. Cognitive retraining, developing the treatment plan, and techniques to improve cognition are discussed.

2. Read: Chapter 13: “Life Care Planning for Acquired Brain Injury” (pgs. 361-364) in Life Care Planning and Case Management Handbook (3rd edition)

In this section of Chapter 13, recovery from TBI is briefly discussed and long-term impairments are noted. The authors provide the reader with the Rancho Los Amigos Scale of Cognitive Functioning.

3. Read: pages Pgs. 465-502, Chapter 18 of Pediatric Life Care Planning and Case Management, Second Edition 2011, or pgs. 538-546 of Chapter 22: “Life Care Planning for the Child with Acquired Brain Injury” in Pediatric Life Care Planning and Case Management Handbook.

4. Read: (Click text link) – Cognitive Retraining and Functional Implementation

5. Read: (Click text link) – Prediction of Outcome (Acute Stage)

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