1. Understanding Brain Injury: A Guide for Employers (REQUIRED)

When a person is attempting to return to work following a head injury, they may be faced with many vocational handicaps. This packet of information, which was targeted at employers, will give the student additional information related to the vocational problems that individuals with brain injury often face. The packet also provides the reader with ideas of how to enhance vocational success for the individual with a TBI.

Additional information on accommodations can be found on the Job Accommodation Network’s website: http://www.jan.wvu.edu/

2: Return to Work Strategies for Brain Tumor Patients (REQUIRED)

This pamphlet contains information related to return to work for individuals with brain tumors. Most of the information in this packet may apply to individuals with other types of brain injuries as well. This guide may be useful in your practice as it gives information related to challenges faced when returning to work as well as strategies that may be necessary to employ if the person chooses to return to work.

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