1: Amputee Coalition of America

The Amputee Coalition of America is a non-profit educational organization that represents people who have had an amputation as well as individuals who were born with limb differences. This national organization has a wealth of information of interest for life care planners, individuals with amputation, and other various professionals.

  • Visit the Amputee Coalition of America: http://www.amputee-coalition.org/
  • Click the “Limb Loss Research Center” link.
  • This portion of the site allows you to search and view current research related to amputation and limb loss. You can also access archived searches from previous years at this location. This will be useful for you as you build a foundation for recommendations in your life care plan.
  • Explore the rest of the site at your leisure.

You may want to bookmark this site for future reference.

2: Article: “Assistive Devices Give Upper-Extremity Amputees a Helping Hand”

Read the article: “Assistive Devices Give Upper-Extremity Amputees a Helping Hand”: http://www.amputee-coalition.org/first_step/firststepv2_s1a14.html.

3: Manufacturers and Distributors of Assistive Devices for the Individual with an Upper Extremity Amputation

Your reading assignment, “Upper Extremity Amputation” provided you with a table of several assistive devices that can be used to enhance the independence of an individual with an upper extremity amputation.

Visit the following websites that were mentioned in Web Field Trip 2: “Assistive Devices Give Upper-Extremity Amputees a Helping Hand”:

This site offers the individual with an amputation several options for assistive devices. By clicking the link “Browse Our Catalog,” one can find devices for use in the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen as well as devices for eating, leisure time, dressing, and drinking. Take a few minutes to look through some of the options that are offered through Maddak, Inc. (You can view pictures of some of the items by clicking the section you would like to browse, and then clicking the particular item you are interested in viewing. Prices are also listed on this site.)

Performance Health offers a wide variety of items including reachers, dressing aids, home accessories, items for use with toileting, and items that can assist an individual with eating. By clicking the subject you would like to browse on the left hand side, you can view a wide variety of assistive equipment. To view the Windsor Feeder that was mentioned in the article, click on the “Dining” link located on the left hand side of the page, and then click the link “Feeders” located to the right side of the page. From here, you are able to click to view several different feeders including the Windsor Feeder.

Texas Assistive Devices provides the individual with an amputation several unique options for assistive and adaptive aids. For example, the site offers gardening tools, carpentry tools, mechanics tools and outdoor and sporting equipment. As mentioned in the article, the N-Abler- a terminal device for the end of the arm-allows an individual to use many different types of tools by placing them into the terminal device.


By returning to the website from Web Field Trip 2: “Assistive Devices Give Upper-Extremity Amputees a Helping Hand”: http://www.amputee-coalition.org/first_step/firststepv2_s1a14.html, you can find a list of several other manufacturers and distributors of assistive devices for individuals with amputations located on the left hand side of the page.


Additional Canadian Resources

4: Canadian Resources

  • Amputee resources for Canadian Amputees http://www.amputee.ca/
  • The War Amps http://www.waramps.ca/home/
  • Information and products related to amputee phantom pain management. Great resource site for amputee related information. The site includes published studies and links to medical information http://www.farabloc.com
  • Custom Prosthetic Services Ltd. is a full-service prosthetic facility conveniently located in Victoria, British Columbia close to the Royal Jubilee Hospital and we service clients in the Victoria BC, Vancouver Island, and Gulf Islands region. An outreach clinic in Nanaimo BC is also offered. http://www.customprosthetics.com/

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