M4L4_Overview_Child amputee

This lesson will explore the following topics:

This lesson will familiarize the student with the unique issues and factors that need to be considered when developing a life care plan for a child with an amputation or congenital limb abnormality. This lesson will discuss the incidence and severity of amputations in children.

  • Differentiate between the needs of adult versus pediatric amputations
  • Describe the incidence of amputation among children

Learning Activities

1.     Listen to:

Audio lecture

Click here for the PDF notes of the lecture.

In this power point lecture, Dr. Roger Weed reviews life care planning implications for children with amputations. General considerations, social/emotional issues, vocational factors, and complications that effect children are discussed.

2.     Read:

Amputee Pediatric Case Example

3.     Read:

  • Chapter 23, pages 592-593; 595-599; 601-602 of Pediatric Life Care Planning and Case Management, Second Edition, 2011
  • or, Pgs. 681-683 and pgs. 687-692 of Chapter 30: “Life Care Planning for the Child with an Amputation” in Pediatric Life Care Planning and Case Management, First Edition, 2004.

In this chapter, Robert H. Meier discusses life care planning for the child with an amputation. He highlights the incidence of amputation among children and addresses the differences between child and adult amputations. You will want to pay particular attention to his discussion regarding the Deutsch categories of life care planning.

Photo credit: Edi Israel [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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