1: Read the Following Articles From The Amputee Coalition of America

These articles may be useful to you in your life care planning practice as you begin to build a foundation for the recommendations in your life care plan.

2: Additional Resources for Children with Amputations

The following is a list of resources related to children with amputations or limb differences.

  • International Child Amputee Network (I-CAN)- http://child-amputee.net/
    This site offers support to parents and children with amputations. It also has a list of additional web resources that may be of interest to life care planners.
  • LimbDifferences.org: An Online Resource for Families and Friends of Children with Limb Differences- www.limbdifferences.org
    This site is a resource for parents and families of children with limb differences. The site has a list of additional resources that may be useful to life care planners.
  • Helping Hands Foundation- www.helpinghandsgroup.org
    The Helping Hands Foundation, Inc. is a non- profit support group for parents who have children with upper limb differences. Please review the “Resources” by clicking on the link provided to you.
  • REACH: The Association for Children with Hand or Arm Deficiency- www.reach.org.uk
    REACH is a UK based organization that provides support, information, and resources to parents of children who are missing an arm, hand, or part of an arm or hand. Several of the publications located in the “Resourcess” section may be useful in your life care planning practice.
  • Limb Loss Education and Awareness Foundation: LLEAP- http://www.amputee-coalition.org/research/limb-loss-task-force/
    LLEAP is a national outreach program that was created by the Amputee Coalition of America’s National Limb Loss Information Center to provide resources to address the problem of social stigma that children with amputations or limb loss may face.
  • You can also access the Youth Amputee Ezine (YAZ), which is a publication that was created for youth with amputation or limb loss. Their site can be found here: http://archive.is/z8Afq
  • Access to back issues of Youth InMotion Magazine can be found at: Publications – Youth inMotion.

3: More Web Resources

Additional Canadian Resources

4: Canadian Resources

The following is some information from additional sites in Canada regarding children with amputation.

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