Case Study: Mackenzie Lynn

Now, recall the case example that you reviewed in lesson 3 of this course, Mackenzie Lynn. Mackenzie suffered Bilateral Above Knee amputations, a Left Above Elbow amputation, and a Right Below Elbow Amputation.

To view the narrative report for Mackenzie Lynn, click here for the document.

  • Will Mackenzie’s vocational worksheet be different than Amanda’s?
  • What are Mackenzie’s vocational limitations?
  • What impact will Mackenzie’s vocational handicaps have on her return to gainful employment? Mild, moderate, severe?
  • What about the impact on range of job alternatives?
  • Will Mackenzie be able to return to gainful employment? If not, what would you recommend?

Sample response:

  • Because Mackenzie’s disability is different than Amanda’s, their vocational worksheets will be different. Although both women have had amputations, because Mackenzie suffered multiple amputations, the impact on vocational placement is severe.
  • Mackenzie’s vocational limitations include:
    • Loss of tactile sensation
    • Reaching
    • Lifting
    • Bimanual upper extremity functioning
    • Prehensile action and grip strength – bilateral
    • Fine motor skills
    • Standing
    • Walking
    • Bending and twisting
    • Kneeling, stooping and squatting
    • Climbing
    • Headaches
    • Phantom pain
    • Inability to drive
    • Insomnia
    • Reduced physical stamina
    • Inability to tolerate hot, wet and humid environments
    • Inability to tolerate stressful environments
  • Mackenzie’s vocational handicaps will have a severe impact on her return to gainful employment.
  • The impact on range of job alternatives is also considered severe. Any vocational activity will have to be sedentary, and she will need adaptive equipment.
  • Due to her vocational limitations, it is unlikely that Mackenzie will return to substantial gainful employment. However, because work is therapeutic, she should attempt to participate in some type of avocational activity as her rehabilitation program progresses.
  • To view the vocational worksheet for Mackenzie Lynn, click here for the document.

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