Why is it necessary to allow for sufficient time to pass before finalizing an assessment for an individual with a burn injury?



It is important to let sufficient time pass to finalize an assessment for the individual with a burn injury because early evaluation of the individual’s permanent functional limitations may not be possible. Time must also pass for the rehabilitation counselor to be able to accurately assess the impact of the complications resulting from the burn injury. For example, contractures may develop late post-onset and cause severe limitations. If a rehabilitation counselor does not allow sufficient time to pass before completing the assessment, the individual may find that the permanent impairment is much more severe than outlined in the information provided for settlement.


For more information view your online reading assignment “Assessment of Damages” by Paul M. Deutsch

Deutsch, P. “Assessment of Damages.” In P. Deutsch and H. Sawyer (Ed.) A Guide to Rehabilitation. White Plains, NY: AHAB Press.

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