Case Study: Amelia Watkins

Review the report provided to you without looking at the life care plan. Identify Amelia’s needs based on the narrative report.

To view the Narrative Report for Amelia Watkins, click here for the document.

List your recommendations for her life care plan. Outline all appropriate areas of the plan. You may refer to page 6 in Life Care Planning and Case Management Handbook for a summary. Now list all associated items. You will need to consider Amelia’s age, home health care, therapy, long-term medical and educational needs. Identify the purpose and the beginning and ending dates of each item, and be sure to address any and all potential complications.

When you think that you have finished listing all associated needs, compare the life care plan that you developed to the one provided in the case example. Review the model plan, and be sure that you comprehend why each item was included. Look back over your plan, and evaluate the following:

  • Did you include nutritional evaluation in your plan?
  • Did you include physical therapy for Amelia?
  • Did you include family education and counseling in your plan?
  • Did you notice the need for a medical alert bracelet?
  • Did you adequately identify all the home health care /facility care options for Amelia?
  • Did you provide case management services? Home maintenance services?
  • What were the differences in your plan and the sample plan?

To view the Life Care Plan for Amelia Watkins, click here for the document.

To view the Potential Complications for Amelia Watkins, lcp4_cs_amelia_watkins_comp.

Now, create a vocational worksheet containing these elements:

  • Physical and Cognitive vocational handicaps
  • Emotional difficulties that may potentially interfere with successful employment
  • Placeability (her ability to be placed in a job)
  • Pre-injury earnings capacity vs. Post-injury earnings capacity

You may have left out some of the items listed in the case example. Understand that reviewing the sample is easier than creating your own plan.

To view the Vocational Worksheet for Amelia Watkins, click here for the document.

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