Discuss the costs that are covered by Organ Procurement Organizations.



According to your online reading, “Introduction to Solid Organ Transplantation”, “the Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) routinely pays for all costs incurred in the cadaveric organ donation process, commencing with the declaration of brain death, obtaining consent from the donor’s family, until the recovery procedure is completed. For living-related donor, the OPO pays for the cost of all reasonable preoperative, hospital and postoperative charges incurred in recovery of the organ. However, the OPO does not cover lost time from work. The OPO is billed for the charges related to the donation and they in turn bill the cost associated with the donation to the transplant center receiving the organ.”


Brown, K. “Introduction to Solid Organ Transplantation.” In P. Deutsch and H. Sawyer (Ed.) A Guide to Rehabilitation. White Plains, NY: AHAB Press.

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