According to your online reading, “Assessment of Visual Impairments”, assessing visual impairment is generally a straightforward, objective process. In order to assess visual impairment, four pieces of information are needed. What are the four pieces of information?


The four pieces of information needed to assess visual impairment are:

  1. Best-corrected vision
  2. Visual Acuity for distance (eye chart) and proximity (reading)
  3. Ocular motility measures if the person has double vision
  4. Formal peripheral vision testing on each eye


For additional information, see online reading assignment “Assessing Visual Impairments” Written by: Lyn A. Sedwick, M.D.

Sedwick. “Assessing Visual Impairments.” In P. Deutsch and H. Sawyer (Ed.) A Guide to Rehabilitation. White Plains, NY: AHAB Press.

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