Describe a few strategies that should be utilized by life care planners in order to maintain their assistive technology knowledge base.


A few ideas mentioned in your online reading assignment “Assistive Technology” include:

  • Attending conferences or workshops that focus on assistive technology.
  • Maintaining your name and address on manufacturer’s vendors’ mailing lists.
  • Keeping your information up to date on the newsletter publication lists of the manufacturer.
  • Subscribing to newsletters and publications that cover assistive technology topics.
  • Obtaining assistive technology videos from manufacturers, universities, and other organizations.
  • Reviewing assistive technology databases and bulletin boards.
  • Getting the product information from databases on CD ROM/disk.
  • Reading and reviewing textbook information on assistive technology.
  • Verifying the information found in textbooks (ex: that the product is still manufactured and the best for your client).
  • Continually checking the Internet for the most up to date assistive technology that is available in the market.


For additional information see online reading assignment: “Assistive Technology” Written By: Diane C. Bristow, M.S., CCC-SLP and Gail L. Pickering, M.A.

Bristow and Pickering. “Assistive Technology.” In P. Deutsch and H. Sawyer (Ed.) A Guide to Rehabilitation. White Plains, NY: AHAB Press.

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