What vocational handicaps will someone with partial hearing loss face? What about individuals with post-lingual total hearing loss? Total hearing loss prior to language development?


Someone with partial hearing loss may have difficulties relating to people, problems with alertness, a lack of interest in people and an inability to effectively communicate ideas, a lack of interest in communicating ideas, difficulties with tonal memory, an inability to effectively follow instructions, and an inability to retain what has been learned in training and apply knowledge to different situations.

A person who has experienced post-lingual hearing loss may find additional limitations with vocabulary and verbal expression, may have a lack of interest in communicating ideas to people, may have difficulties with originality and persuasiveness, and may have a decreased ability to effectively communicate ideas to others.

An individual who has experienced pre-lingual hearing loss will likely experience all of the above difficulties as well as the following: decreased ability to solve complex problems; decreased ability to motivate and direct employees and maintain effective relationships with their employer, other employees, and customers; difficulties with training other employees if necessary; difficulty working to detailed specifications; difficulty organizing data in a logical manner; and an inability to tactfully deal with others.


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