Refer to your Pediatric Life Care Planning and Case Management text. This author doesn’t advocate for 24-hour nursing support for any pediatric patient once the child has been fully integrated into the home setting. Why?


The author notes that 24-hour care is not the safest option, in that even with the best planning, the agency may not be able to get a nurse to the home (ex. staffing issues, weather, illness). If the parent has not been actively taking care of the child because of the continual presence of the nurse, the parent may not be able to handle emergency situations. The parent needs to maintain a level of “competence” in providing this level of services.

Children should also be reintegrated into the home, which may be difficult if a nurse is continuously present. Round-the-clock care may disrupt the family’s privacy, inhibit bonding with the child, and may place the nurse in the parent role.


Pages 435-464 of Pediatric Life Care Planning and Case Management, Second Edition

Page 510, “Life Care Planning for the Child with Asthma and Other Chronic Respiratory Conditions”, of Pediatric Life Care Planning and Case Management, First Edition

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