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Certified Life Care Planner

Kay R. Brown completed the post-graduate course study of Life Care Planning for Advanced Catastrophic Case Management in 1995 through the Rehabilitation Training Institute and the University of Florida, Department of Rehabilitation Counseling. She became a Certified Life Care Planner in 1996. After completing all requirements outlined by the Commission for Case Manager Certification, Ms. Brown became a Certified Case Manager in 2006. She began working with Paul M. Deutsch & Associates, P.A., in June of 1992. She has twenty-three years of experience in the research and preparation of life care plans detailing anticipated costs of care services for catastrophically injured individuals. Additionally, she is experienced in the assessment of vocational handicaps and their impact on vocational development and wage earning capacity related to an individual’s pre and post accident earning capacity. Ms. Brown authored a chapter on Organ Transplantation in A Guide to Rehabilitation, (AHAB Press) and Damages In Tort Actions, (Lexis Nexis).