This lesson will explore the following topics:

This lesson will expose the student to the issues encountered by an individual with a traumatic brain injury when they attempt to pursue gainful employment. Individuals with a TBI often experience vocational handicaps, which will be discussed.

  • Explain the importance of discharge planning and the options for individuals upon discharge from a post-acute rehabilitation facility. This includes understanding how to structure the home environment including the development of a behavioral program with built in prompts, cues and reinforcement schedules
  • Describe the specific goals of a discharge plan
  • Cite the variables that affect the decision-making process when placement and treatment issues are being considered for an individual patient
  • Describe the purpose of transitional living programs
  • Describe the purpose of transitional work programs

Learning Activities

1. Listen to the audio lecture “Vocational Considerations Following TBI: From the Perspective of a Neuropsychologist Life Care Planner”. Click here for the PDF notes for the lecture.

This audio lecture addresses vocational considerations following TBI. Dr. Carol Walker discusses the Americans with Disabilities Act, employment after TBI, and supported employment. She also explains the cognitive, physical, social, and environmental barriers to employment for individuals with traumatic brain injury.

2. Read the section “Vocational Rehabilitation” on page 365 of Chapter 13: “Life Care Planning for Acquired Brain Injury” in Life Care Planning and Case Management Handbook (3rd edition) .In this section of Chapter 13, the authors describe the difficulties faced by individuals with TBI who are attempting to return to gainful employment. Due to the residual effects of the injury, the individual may require assistance to pursue vocational goals.

3. Read (Click text link) Vocational Implications

4. Read Chapter 13: “Life Care Planning for Acquired Brain Injury” (pgs. 367-378) in Life Care Planning and Case Management Handbook (3rd edition)

Review the case study and the conclusion provided at the end of the chapter. Pay particular attention to the detailed notes provided by the life care planner in this particular life care plan.

5. Read (Click text link) Vocational Testing

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