Julie A. Kitchen, CDMS, CCM, CLCP

Certified Life Care Planner

Julie Kitchen has been involved in the research and preparation of Life Care Plans for Catastrophic Injuries for almost 30 years, in association with Paul M. Deutsch & Associates, P.A., in Oviedo, FL. She and Paul M. Deutsch actually developed the Life Care Planning Process and Methodology, as it is known today, in the late 1970’s, early 1980’s and initially published on the concept of Life Care Planning, Process and Methodology. Ms. Kitchen has authored chapters in A Guide to Rehabilitation, (AHAB Press) Damages in Tort Actions, (Mathew Bender, 1982-1989), The Case Management Handbook, (CRC Press), and Health Care and Disability Case Management, (Vocational Consultants’ Press, 1998). She has also co-authored a number of monographs including: Life Care Planning, Step-by-Step Guides for (1) The Brain Damaged Infant; (2) The Spinal Cord Injured; (3) The Head Injured; and (4) The Ventilator Dependent Patient, and articles published in “Seminars in Hearing”, Thieme Medical Publishers; “Life Care Planning: A Comparison of Private Hire and Agency Costs” and “Agency Response to Private Hire”, NARPPS Journal, 1997. Ms. Kitchen has been teaching the Life Care Planning Process and Methodology since 1987 and currently is an instructor with the Life Care Planning distance learning programs by both the University of Florida and Kaplan University. She was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual International Symposium on Life Care Planning in September 2008.