We are excited to announce we are offering an additional Module 6 virtual training this January. Our Module 6 focuses on the forensic aspects of life care planning as well as offer our students invaluable experiential learning and networking opportunities. To attend Module 6, you must complete Modules 1 and 2 and be enrolled in an additional module (3, 4, or 5).

United States Module 6
(One-Day Virtual Training)
Winter Offering: January 28, 2023
Summer Offering: June 3, 2023
Canadian Module 6
(One-Day Virtual Training)
Summer Only: June 3, 2023

Life Care Planning Course 6: Live Virtual Training

The virtual training will provide participants with a chance to experience the consultation and testimony process as well as an opportunity to work through several exercises in ethical decision making. In this practical setting, students perform a series of applied exercises that allow them to bring together and utilize all of the theoretical knowledge and skills learned during the online experience. Participants receive training in testimony and participate in a mock testimony experience to affirm the student’s eventual role as an expert. The live virtual program also grants students the opportunity to socially network and interact directly with some of the most experienced and well known life care planners in North America. The virtual course is 1 day (8 hours – usually Saturday) plus a 12 hour homework assignment due prior to coming to attending the live virtual training.

This course is offered for two reasons:

  1. It is required for certification (Certified Life Care Planner).
  2. The training content for forensics and developing and evaluating Life Care Plans is most effective through interaction between trainers and participants.